Yun Hyong-keun

Korean, 1928–2007

Yun Hyong-keun
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Born in 1928 in Cheongju, Korea, Yun Hyong-keun is considered one of the most important masters of Korean modern art. Through his life, he had hardships by Korea's tumultuous history. He is well known for the smearing abyss of brunt umber and ultramarine blue paints on linen or cotton canvases, which reveals a Korean sensibility of reflection and meditation.

His sophisticated and redefined artistic works simply and gracefully intertwine individuality and contemporary relevance based on the Korean traditional aesthetics.

Selected exhibitions


PKM Gallery, Seoul, Korea

David Zwirner, New York, NY, USA


Special Exhibition from the 2016-2019 CMOA Collection- Look with Inward Eyes, Cheongju Museum of Art, Cheogju, Korea

Dansaekhwa, The Columns Gallery Singapore, Singapore

100 Collective Signatures of Daegu Art Museum, Daegu Art Museum, Daegu, Korea

A Dialogue between Kim Jeong-Hui and Literati of the Qing Dynasty in Korea, Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum, Seoul, Korea



A retrospective, Palazzo Fortuny, Venice, Italy


The Square, Art and Society in Korea 1900-2019, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea

Ha Jung-woong Collection, Ha Jung-woong Museum of Art, Gwangju, Korea

同聲相應, CANS Space, Taipei, Taiwan

Landlord Colors, On Art, Economy, and Materiality, Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA

From the Terada Collection 066 - Homage to Kotaro Terada, Memories of a Collector, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Painting and Existence, Tang Contemporary Art, Hong Kong, China



Simon Lee Gallery, London, United Kingdom

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea


The Lost World, Buk Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

Blooming at the Junction, Korean Cultural Center HK, Hong Kong, China

David Zwirner - 25 Years, David Zwirner, New York, NY, USA

Collection Highlights, Seoul National University Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea


2017 P

PKM Gallery, Seoul, Korea

David Zwirner, New York, NY, USA


Rhythm in Monochrome Korean Abstract Painting, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

The Ascetic Path, Korean DANSAEKHWA, The Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art, Saint Petersburg, Russia

His Friends, 7080, Kim Tschang Yeul Museum, Jeju, Korea

8 Korean masters, Wellside Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Buried Lines, Yun Hyong-keun & Kim Teak- Sang, Wellside Gallery, Seoul, Korea

INTUITION, Palazzo Fortuny, Venice, Italy

Thinking Out Loud - Notes for an Evolving Collection, The Warehouse, Dallas, TX, USA



Simon Lee Gallery, London, United Kingdom

Axel Vervoordt Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium


New Beginnings- Between Gesture and Geometry, The George Economou Collection, Athens, Greece

Inaugural Exhibition The legend of Yeobaek, Cheongju Museum of Art, Cheongju, Korea

Korean Modern and Contemporary Western Art, Hyunin Gallery, Jeju, Korea

Ujung Collection Special Exhibition, Ujung Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Reopening Special Exhibition, Hyunin Gallery, JeJu, Korea

11 Korean Modern and Contemporary Artists, Gallery Rho, Seoul, Korea

Korean Abstract Art- Early Works, Waldorf Astoria New York, NY, USA

Korean Art Special Exhibition, Ulsan Culture Art Center, Ulsan, Korea

Dansaekhwa and Minimalism, Blum & Poe Gallery, New York, NY, USA

Dansaekhwa Korean Abstract Art, Wellside Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Embracing - Yun Hyong-keun with Chusa and Donald Judd, PKM Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Paper, Johyun Gallery, Busan, Korea

KM9346 Korea – Morbihan 9,346  Nombre de kilometres entre la Coree et le Morbihan, Domain de Kerguehennec, Bignan, France



Blum & Poe Gallery, New York, NY, USA

Gallery Yamaguchi, Osaka, Japan

PKM Gallery, Seoul, Korea


Seoul Paris Seoul, Musee Cernuschi, Paris, France

Proportio, Palazzo Contarini Polignac, Venice, Italy

MMCA Collection Highlights - Untitled, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea 

Korean Abstract Painting- 45th Anniversary of Gallery Hyundai, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea



The Art of Dansaekhwa, Kukje Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Empty Fullness - Materiality and Spirituality in Contemporary Korean Art, Korean Cultural Center, Shanghai SPSI Art Museum, Shanghai Korean Cultural Center, China, Beijing, China Koreanisches Kulturzentrum, Berlin, Germany National Museum, Jakarta, Indonesia

From All Sides - Dansaekwha on Abstraction, Blum & Poe Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Beyond & Between, Leeum Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

Looking Back of Korean Art History, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Geyonggi, Korea Overcoming the Modern Dansaekhwa - The Korean Monochrome Movement, Alexander Gray Associates, New York, NY, USA

The Artistic Spirit of Modern Artists on Paper, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea



Johyun Gallery, Busan, Korea

Wellside Gallery, Seoul, Korea



Galerie Jean Brolly, Paris, France



Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Gallery Shilla, Daegu, Korea


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